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In her own words...

An interview with Stéphanie Delon, in Jeanne Magazine #85 April 2021. French. Click here for the English original.

Includes impressions on leaving Cuba, early women's and LGBT activism in France, and in New York, Medusa's Revenge Theater and the Lesbian Avengers.

Hyper Media magazine: Ana María Simo: "Cuba es dolorosa. Trato de no verla". In Spanish.


A New Yorker most of her life, Ana Simo was born and raised in Cuba where she was the co-director of the youthful independent publishing project Ediciones El Puente, and published a collection of short stories called Las Fábulas (The Fables), "a classic of the Cuban short story."

She immigrated to France in time to witness the May 1968 revolt, study with Roland Barthes, and participate in early women's and gay and lesbian rights groups.

After moving once again, this time to New York, she became an English-language playwright, journalist, and lesbian activist, co-founding Medusa's Revenge theatre, the direct-action group the Lesbian Avengers, the national cable program Dyke TV, and The Gully online magazine.

Her New York Times-reviewed plays have been produced in such venues as PS 122, Theatre for the New City, INTAR Hispanic Arts Center and the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. "How To Kill Her," her short feature film with Ela Troyano, has been widely screened in festivals in the U.S. and abroad. A CD of her play The Opium War with music by Zeena Parkins was released by Roulette.

Her first novel, Heartland, was published by Restless Books in 2018.